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Understanding Natural Gas Pricing

Pricing of the Natural Gas consumed by your business consists of the following.

Commodity Cost: The production cost of natural gas from the gas well. Natural gas pricing fluctuates based on market forces.

Interstate Pipeline Transportation Charges: This fee is paid for the usage of the system of pipelines which transport and deliver natural gas supplies from the well head to the market area. These pipelines are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Local Gas Utility Delivery Charges: The fee your local gas utility company charges to transport natural gas to your business. This charge is two-fold and consists of a variable consumption amount plus a fixed monthly customer charge.

Natural Gas Savings with Sunshine State Gas

Informed Buying = Savings for You! The marketing of natural gas is an integral part of the natural gas supply chain. Natural gas marketers ensure that a viable market for natural gas exists at all times. Efficient and effective physical and financial markets are the only way to ensure that a fair and equitable commodity price, reflective of the supply and demand for that commodity, is maintained.

No Outsourcing or Commission Costs

Unlike much of the competition, Sunshine State Gas does not outsource or pay commissions to TECO or any other outside contractors for signing up accounts. The results are lower overhead, and consequently; lower prices to you! We guarantee the lowest price per therm to include all pass-thru costs.

About Your Sunshine State Gas Bill

When you choose to purchase your natural gas supply from us, you will recieve a monthly billing statement for commodity and interstate transmission pipeline transportation charges from Sunshine State Gas. THIS is where you will see your savings! Your gas utility will continue to bill for the local transportation of gas to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if Sunshine State Gas can save me money on my natural gas costs?
We will ask you to sign a form to release your billing records for the previous 12 months. Sunshine State Gas analyzes the information, and provides you with a proposal and a projection of savings.

What happens when I sign a contract with Sunshine State Gas?
Once you sign a contract for natural gas supply, we will coordinate the delivery of the appropriate amounts of natural gas into the appropriate delivery system.

When can I expect my proposal and savings projections?
We strive to prepare your proposal quickly, so that you can begin saving money. At Sunshine State Gas, customer service and satisfaction is priority 1! We will keep you informed every step of the way.

Did You Know…

  • Deregulation has made TECO's REGULATED COMMODITY RATES ("PGA" on your bill) much higher than competitive market rates
  • There are 17,000+ commercial customers on TECO's NCTS program
  • There are still many commercial customers that are paying TECO's HIGHER regulated default rate
  • There are no charges to switch to Sunshine State Gas
  • Your contract with TECO remains valid

Qualifying Businesses

Businesses using over 2,000 therms of natural gas per year are eligible to choose Sunshine State Gas.

Small & Large Food
Food Prep
  • Commercial establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of prepared food & drinks for on premise or immediate consumption
  • Caterers and institutional food services establishments are also included in this industry
  • Small Food – Customer's annual consumption is less than 9,000 therms.
  • Large Food – Customer's annual consumption is greater than 9,000 therms
Hospitality & Lodging
  • Commercial establishments such as hotels, motor hotels, motels, or tourist courts
  • primarily engaged in providing lodging or lodging and meals for the general public
Cleaning Services & Laundromat
  • Commercial establishments primarily engaged in operating mechanical laundries with steam or other power
  • Engaged in supplying laundered or dry cleaned clothing on a contract or fee basis
Commercial Other
  • Commercial customers who are not associated with the food service, hospitality or cleaning industries
  • Customer's annual consumption is greater than 4,000 therms

Not sure if your business qualifies to save? Call or contact us to learn more!